Noise in the Key of White

 Noise in the Key of White



minus declaration

a phrase

absent context

mind clouds bright

hidden signals digging their way out

traveling the tightrope

sinewave of birth


sleeping and waking

boundaries without borders

detectable fluctuations, electrical prayers

lengthen but never flatten

velocity of thought

the spectator sleeps

in the spindle’s demise


smooth dive into

a jagged and erratic


surfaces without a ripple

you never knew you were there

paralyzed inside the passage

protoconscious futures propel us


trapped in the void

crumpled moment of time

tide arrives, moon-called and flush

line in the sand remains

hush of an underwater scream

womb-warm and waiting

crop circle prison of pregnant design

hidden treasures promised

given to chase

prove farther away than childhood


waking sleep

poke holes in attention

droplets of sound spread

cover the missing moments

pinpricks drench

pores bleed echoes

reigning invisible

reflections in the stars

resolve tonic chords without contrast

revealed against the backdrop

incandescent grooves proffer clues more intimate

than memories swaddled inside that day

knee locked in proposal

marriage to mind’s eye


Awake now.


drumbeats of cognition

self, seen only in the peaks of vibration

voiceless pleas trapped in valleys

mind clouds storm

raw rain delicately pummels

the slowly forming puddles

Rorschach into coma therapy

cracks race around pitted pavement

the message jitters

statistical structures emerge


drums beat against the brain

misunderstood motifs

neurons building, bursting, forming

cloud of brightness

obscuring the subject

desire drowned

by universal objectives

unpeeled, separated without division


starving prisms defined

by the data they’re fed

denial unkempt, unfettered, and untrue

sing all ye who have faith

in the summation of childhood

implication of a finite point, a period, an ending

perhaps instead youth continues on

reaching up from the mud of the past

into the amplitude of the sun

submerged frequencies stretch

inverse relativity sings


a rabbit’s hair more than coincidence

rainbow smeared into aperiodic compression

inverse shapes catalogued without purpose

even chaos has meaning

given vibration, food for the deaf

worth the wedding vows of a child


cipherless maps

hastily scribbled visions

dance in their sleep

to the circadian rhythms of Jupiter

eternal memories filtered

in the blink of Mercury’s eye

we are all but component waves

seeking structure in a higher frequency

spectrum of a spiral staircase

steps stolen one by one

forever foregone

highest wavelength is

beneath within

over the railing in

two places at once


denting naturally generated laws

cognition reeking

of a forest without trees

smashed into shifted shape

eyes widen to wounds

terminal velocity deterring

mining the sound, it seeks

fundamentally funneling the answers, we keep

firmly in context of tomorrow’s borrowed sleep


lay me down now

to determine my own right from wrong

buried deep, hidden, unbound and unbidden

truth dies with one final, hollowed-out breath

the lies lurk, till the obituary’s taken with the trash

eyes in the dark depart

as the morning mist hides

within mathematical beings, like leeches

their host they deride

prayerless isotopes hover

above the frequency of humanity


through dreaming eyes

we perceive the land of dreams

unable to escape

the silent lucidity

a rudderless rider

liquidating laws of false control

time stitched into cohesive memory

find the thread and slip outside the stream


steeper spectrum for the succubus of sleep

horns predict and pierce the veil, prancing on reality

morning crashes, muscles of protection shatter

slanted sun, casual catch and release

into certainty, intrusion of illusion

or just another inference in the bloom of consciousness

past and future collapse

meaningless origami shapes

we are less than we were and more than we will be


the knife that carves thought

resonates among the sorority of self-awareness

not made by human hands

herding us into scenarios

similar but irregular

actions accumulate

visible vibrations form an iceberg

tip of a deeper algorithm


rhythm, points dispersing on a graph

granting passage through time

signals malfunction, gather, resolve

spreading messages across the stars

sifting through meaning

as if definitions belonged to us


we were wrong to say it all, right to think

our interpretation mattered to the destination

humanity’s only offer

beg and plead to get rid of need

monks given a mission – to remove the world of supposition


thoughts pool into thorns

microcosmic spikes of awareness

forming a web over water

trapping hope beneath the surface

bleached and believing

in the farsight of pain unhidden


when did transmitting a network

become all life has to live

completed patchwork of unending, self-contained interaction

circuital conflagration

maker’s clay, sleep talking excitation

sound without fluctuation

sensory inputs become supplicants

asking for belief in what isn’t there

as if unawareness is a physical space

shimmering in gift-wrap

the monks did not look

the music did not hear

and listening was unmet


notes naked and unsung in the dark

fact without predication

crack open the monk’s skull

steal the candy within

deconstruct the key of white

frequency unequal noise




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