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Gretchen: The Real Story

  As King’s X took their next step on the path of redefining music, Gretchen Goes to Nebraska brought clearly into view the height of the musical mountain they were determined to climb.   The first time I heard Gretchen I realized THIS is what music is supposed to be: passionate, heavy, melodic and progressive without ever losing the groove.   There was another gem in addition to the music:   the story of Gretchen herself.   Even years later I would occasionally pull out the liner notes and attempt to read the tale.   Unfortunately, the format caused everything to blend together and proved a bit difficult to follow.   Not unlike Gretchen.   Who can complain?   How many bands put an entire story inside their album notes, especially one about a strange girl who travels through stranger lands? This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but feel now is the proper time.   Even if you have a physical copy of GGtN, or take the time to find the liner notes online, it’s still a diffic

Noise in the Key of White

  Noise in the Key of White   meditation minus declaration a phrase absent context mind clouds bright hidden signals digging their way out traveling the tightrope sinewave of birth   sleeping and waking boundaries without borders detectable fluctuations, electrical prayers lengthen but never flatten velocity of thought the spectator sleeps in the spindle’s demise   smooth dive into a jagged and erratic RANDOM EYE MEMORY surfaces without a ripple you never knew you were there paralyzed inside the passage protoconscious futures propel us   trapped in the void crumpled moment of time tide arrives, moon-called and flush line in the sand remains hush of an underwater scream womb-warm and waiting crop circle prison of pregnant design hidden treasures promised given to chase prove farther away than childhood   waking sleep poke holes in attention droplets of sound spread cover the missing moments pinpricks dre

Can't Rush Extinction

Branches dying on the vine, end of a line, saying goodbye to humanity, stuck on repeat, another day, an empty mark on time. The canyon beckons, calling for flesh and fury, feeding apologies for the mess death left. Drowning in the debris of dreams, pulling down like a fresh fever, torn out pages, blanks in the story, a life never forgotten but never fully understood. Branches broken, their death mute, voices extinguished, this prison of light never stops burning.


  Peel   Pulling at endlessly phasing funk Strings from a magician's sleeve Lightning in a bottle Smashed against an unforgiving sea Creating a rhythmic message A map leading back to the Source Neuronal paths diametrically conjoined Still, I find myself passing through daylight and dreams absent will.   A psyche in perfect chaos Belies all believed to be true Opposing reverberation foments unison When done within a hermetic contusion Voids within space Between pauses there can be no silence Peeling away galaxies Like layers of sin Without voice or name Everyone feels their bones But does anyone hear?   How many times have I dreamed the same dream? Would I remember? Or am I frozen in the seam? Lost in the place where waves conspire Where emergency doesn’t equal urgency Borrow the time To open my eyes and become A captive catering to illusions Eyes blistered by freedom.   Lightning in a bottle Doesn’t repeat Doesn’