I hear a feather falling
crackling quantum shift
     implosion of diametrical beauty
breaking sunlight
each barb infiltrating fibers of sight
spinning a thousand years of deception into my temple
in one
psychosomatic second.

Liberty, Justice, Death
all three are lies
each one a point on the triangle of Oppression
an ever-open eye cloned into our patchwork culture
feeding as much as seeing, seething
with the sounds of
OUR       gnashing teeth.

The children become aware and give voice
but the crest of the wave flatlines
long before reaching shore.
Tectonic shift/History ends
Drowned out by
Liberty, Justice, Democracy
until all that can be heard are the crickets of the credits.
The audience is long gone.
In fact, they were never listening.
The film turns into random 1’s and 0’s
by the cancerous mouth of the past -

Snakes strike from calculated clouds of awareness
into the neon-lit neurons of subreality
     like misguided lightning bolts in search of their own desire
uncontrolled thoughts zig-zagging in endless loops
growing and sowing seeds
blossoming until they     BURST
unable or unwilling to escape the encryption of the soul
like truth tunneling the wrong way
in the vibrations of breath.

Daily Digital Reaffirmation
rejects our consciousness
no matter how far down we bow to pray;
     the silo’s been blown to pieces.

NOW     NOW     NOW

     disregards baseline wisdom apparatus
like an emotional seesaw in zero g
random thoughts become static
disarmed by the surface reflections
ripping through the subhuman race
until no way                                                                                  is up
cognitive distortion runs constant
through the soundtrack of faith.

I am unremarkable.
     Like a period at the end of a sentence.
          But what would you be without me
A 200,000-word run-on sentence…
A stream of consciousness without pause??????
Is this what the universe is?
A metacognition collection
sewn together moment by moment
formed from the schism of existence
where black holes are the punctuation of
life’s clockwork rebellion.


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