First in Line

First in Line
CommunicationDedicationGraceful participationFormer traditions of dignityGive way to intentional chaosRacial dividePortraying false dataTo convince far and wideCreate your own mythThe devil laughsAs we contort in his lightBlind justice diesOn the walls we’ve erectedAround one another“Come together”Was a lifelineThat died on the vineScience and hopes and viruses igniteEvacuationEradicationCan you see his disease?The devil laughsDistorting the fightWe don’t have to live this wayStay inside to fight another dayThrow open the bird boxLift up your liesEyes wide openTo a death that never diesWhen the dilation of libertyIs shoved down the throatOf a rabid dogAnd the beast turns to biteI’ll be the first in line


Nothing is the infinite abyss eating its own tail consumption of time not a straight line exiting where we begin.
Time created is a false shore we can never stop creating more moments we can only fill them or leave them empty.
The scales of time click by in unmeasurable pulses too small or too vast even death is powerless against its venom.

In Memory of Nikki A.

I hear a feather falling crackling quantum shift implosion of diametrical beauty breaking sunlight each barb infiltrating fibers of sight spinning a thousand years of deception into my temple in one psychosomatic second.
Liberty, Justice, Death all three are lies each one a point on the triangle of Oppression an ever-open eye cloned into our patchwork culture feeding as much as seeing, seething with the sounds of OUR gnashing teeth.
The children become aware and give voice but the crest of the wave flatlines long before reaching shore. Tectonic shift/History ends Drowned out by Liberty, Justice, Democracy until all that can be heard are the crickets of the credits. The audience is long gone. In fact, they were never listening. The film turns into random 1’s and 0’s devoured by the cancerous mouth of the past - Rewritten.
Snakes strike from calculated clouds of awareness into the neon-lit neurons of subreality like misguided lightning bolts in search of their own desire un…

My Promise

The Nature of Stories

"Stories come naturally to us.  We can't help it.  There are many different worlds, many competing realities within our heads, fueled by books, television, even barely remembered childhood tales.  There's an endless supply of fictional concepts more familiar to us than anything or anyone real.  We have a far greater connection to the fictional characters we know and love than the random people we pass on the street.  Our destinies and inspirations are shaped by lies, myths and fables."
--Alan Wake (American Nightmare)

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With An Eccentric Eye (Factotum)

I'm going to try and make at least one post a month devoted to an odd film I've watched.  Seeing as how I've got quite the backlog on my Netflix Instant Queue this shouldn't be a problem.  These might be'foreign' films (I use the term loosely since the web audience is obviously global) or art-house films, or quirky little dramas that few have heard about.  But they will without fail be films that won't appeal to everybody.  And just because I think a film is discussion-worthy for the purposes of this blog doesn't make it a blanket endorsement.  Nor should these be considered reviews.  I just feel that there are a lot of odd, quirky films that aren't blockbusters that have a lot to say.  Or, at the very least, will make you go, "Hmmm?"  What can I say, I love the underdog.  I hope this will be a section where those who are fed up with run-into-the-ground formulaic movies (don't get me wrong, I love a good action flick) will be able to g…